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"Identity for Tischlerei Gebrüder Falgschlunger – an ambitious carpenter based near Innsbruck, Austria. Passionate dedication, adroitness and solid craftsmanship skills are the hallmarks of this Tirolean Quality Enterprise which, together with hand-picked regional partners from the nearby surroundings, succeeds in designing, fulfilling and executing to perfection the wishes of clients from far and near."

Bureau Rabensteiner is an Austrian design studio specialized in creative direction and graphic design. Our small company structure allows us to work in an inspiring atmosphere which assures the best result on our clients projects. We combine strategic thinking with branding and photography and therefore we are able to transport more than just design but a whole company spirit on different channels. 

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PRESS HAND JUICER by Antoine Persyn

Press is a juicer using 2 different sized reamers, perfect for lemons, limes and oranges. The juicer comes apart for easycleaning and is dishwasher safe. The challenge was to work on user scenarios, trying to improve the functions through a clever design.

The product is made of glass, plastic molded elements and stainless steel. I worked with the factory engineers and workers to understand all their constraints and then to update the design according to their technical requirements.


Cadence is a great new audio/visual puzzle game where your goal is to join up musical nodes in such a way that they create an infinite loop, capable of perpetually continuing the melody into infinity.  This may sound overly complicated, but in reality it’s remarkably easy to pick up and play, with multiple solutions to puzzles and lots of fun to be had from experimentation.

The audio/visual style of the game is also excellent, combined with the lack of a timer, it makes for a very relaxed, Zen-like atmosphere.  You’re never to worried if you get things wrong as it’s great fun trying different solutions, it’s a highly enjoyable, chilled-out experimental puzzler.

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